"I’ve got a feeling young wounds don’t last forever"

Galleries- Young Wounds

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards- Tame Impala

This is the second single off the Australian band Tame Impala’s Lonerism album. This song has recieved much commercial acclaim as the band is making a name for itself in the indie electro industry.

"I don’t love who I am so I’m working on a fix
I don’t need a bitch trying to tear my mind from my grip"

Kid Cudi- Creepers

Frightened Rabbit- The Woodpile 

Frightened Rabbit is a relatively unheard of indie rock band out of Scotland. After three successful studio albums under indepentant record labels, the band is set to release its first album with Atlantic Records this Feburary called Pedestrian Verse

"I don’t eat
I don’t sleep
I do nothing but think of you"

Under Your Spell- Desire

Frank Ocean- Wiseman

This is a brand new track from Frank Ocean. As a fan of Ocean before he blew up on the scene with Channel Orange, its interesting to seeing how his music has developed. During Frank Ocean’s mixtape days, he was an above average r&b singer. Today, he has developed a unique sound that is rich with emotion and theatrics. I enjoy both of these phases of the most successful member of the Odd Future.

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up"

Paul Valery

"Don’t take it on yourself. Forget now. Live"

Arthur Miller
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